Junior Academy

Mission Statement: To develop the highest level juniors that have great character through intense training and mentoring.

Chad’s Philosophy: Chad and his team of professionals will be very direct in teaching juniors how to work as a team to accomplish more. Tennis is an individual sport but when you are a part of team like this each player has a responsibility to each other to work there very hardest! When one member is not doing their best it affects the rest of the team, learning to have a winning attitude (standards of excellence – being the best you can be – and doing the best you can!) This is not measured by wins and losses but by given it your all!

Once Chad feels that the group is ready to be leaders, they will be asked to mentor players in the other groups by hitting with them and playing points with them. In order for a player to reach their maximum potential as a player and as a person they have to become leaders and mentor those juniors less experienced than them. As a team we will be creating a passion for the sport, discipline, and have heart for competition!

A key aspect of our philosophy is that we take the team approach with the parents building a strong bond among player, parent and coach. This creates very strong support system for our juniors and becomes the driving force for them to succeed in tennis and in life. This approach is positively reinforced daily to create a healthy flow of communication for the people that care and are most influential to the student………the parents and coaches.

Basic Formula: Group Lessons, Private Lessons and Match Play.

  • Group Lesson- purpose is to teach juniors how to use strategy, use patterns of play, improve footwork and fitness in a competitive environment. It also is where we focus on training as team to accomplish more than we could as individuals.
  • Private Lessons- purpose is for technique of the strokes. Strengths are improved and weaknesses are addressed. What a junior is working in a private lesson should be translated to their group lesson and then to match play.
  • Match Play- is the most important component of the formula. Each junior must play opponents that are equal to them, stronger than and players that are weaker than them.
  • Player equal- Helps prepare the player for tournaments and to preform under pressure when the match gets tight. The struggle helps the player to get to the next level and improve on the mental part of the game.
  • Player stronger than- helps the player to know what they need to improve on and strive to get to the next level.
  • Weaker player- this helps build confidence and helps the player to prepare for the mental challenge of going to a tournament and in the first few rounds be able to defeat an opponent that they are stronger than.

Groups for all ages and levels

Quick Start Tot's Program (4-6 year olds)
  • Meets spring, fall
  • Summer Time we have the tennis camps
Quick Start Future Stars (7-10 year olds)
  • Meets spring, fall
  • Monday-Wednesday from 5-6pm
  • Summer Time we have the tennis camps
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